Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"i miss buffy the vampire slayer" by megan gogerty - lyrics

i wanted to post these here because i can't seem to find complete, accurate lyrics to megan gogerty's most amazing song, "i miss buffy the vampire slayer", and that makes me sad. so here they are. i hand typed them, any errors are my own doing. no copyright infringement intended, just putting this out there for other fans to enjoy. :)

(also, this is the original version.. in later performances she changed "the OC" to "MTV" because the OC hasnt been on in forever.)

ON WITH THE LYRICS! (and video of course.)

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"i miss buffy the vampire slayer" 
by megan gogerty

i miss buffy the vampire slayer, oh god i miss that show
i miss buffy the vampire slayer, oh god i miss that show
and i know that times goes on and things must change
and all things pass away
but it’s a dark and scary world out there and nothings on tv

for a superhero girl vibe i used to watch some "alias"
and for teenagers and their drama i guess there's "the OC"
but i miss buffy the vampire slayer, oh god i miss that show
i miss buffy the vampire slayer, oh god i miss that show

and i never could get into watching angel, god knows I tried.
and firefly was lovely but it was gone in like a day.
and the actors have moved on, they're doing movies like "american pie"
i think about them often, like a friend who's moved away.

and a friend of mine met the guy who played xander at a party
and she said in real life he was kind of disappointing.
i said "of course he's disappointing, this is real life and he's an actor.
and in real life, everyone's disappointing."

and i tried to get my friend alexis into it, but she was bored
she said "this is unbelievable, buffy’s never really going to die."
and frankly, i don’t understand how it’s possible i’m still friends with her
and maybe if her teen years had been harder she’d know why

i miss willow with her werewolf boyfriend
and willow with her lezzie girlfriend
and xander who proved you could save the world just by being you
and giles, oh god giles
you know, i could use a giles
and i miss buffy
before she made scooby doo

i miss buffy the vampire slayer, oh god i miss that show
i miss buffy the vampire slayer, oh god i miss that show

i want metaphorical mythology
coupled with ontological authenticity.
i really don’t think that’s too much to ask of a show.
and i'm this close to reading fan-fiction
but writing this song is pathetic enough
it's just when you love something, it's hard to let it go.

and yeah, i've got the dvd's
i guess they'll have to do.

the ziva david theory: NCIS is a buffy spin-off

warning: extreme nerding & fangirling ahead.
contains spoilers for the last episode of buffy the vampire slayer & the 2nd episode of NCIS season 3. i only warn that so the netflix-come-latelies don't flame me. that said, flamers will be doused in water.

i figured out the secret to the allure of one miss ziva david of the amazing show NCIS. if you dont know who she is and you have cable, i don't even want to know you right now.

the buffy episode "chosen" aired may 20th, 2003.

she activated slayers all over the world, of all ages and backgrounds.
every potential slayer became an actual slayer.

then a little over 2 years later (just enough time for a newly activated slayer to get some serious training), on september 27, 2005, ziva david appears in washington, DC as a well-trained killing machine.

how lucky for mossad that they found a super-strong pretty young woman to kill things for them, and she never even has to go to the gym to take out multiple men twice her size at the same time..

brb writing crossover fic.

OMG and eli is so not her birth father. he's her WATCHER. /fangirling (i know i know the font. just be glad it wasn't a giant blinking .gif.)

seriously though if you guys write fic about this, link me up so i can see it.. and give me credit.. or i'm sending gibbs after you. :)

i've made a little space for the cheese slices.