Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rainbow Smoke Asian Cigarettes?

one of my favorite things to do is research. people in my life know that if it exists on the internet, i can find it. and it's fun for me. i can spend hours looking for the most obscure things, and i find it very calming.

today i saw a post on a dear dear friend's facebook wall. my friend, pixi, is well known for being the queen of all things rainbow and her friend had shared a very cool image of some rainbow smoke, and a very beautiful cigarette pack. it seemed to be photoshopped, but it piqued my interest and it turned out i was far from the first person on the internet to rabidly search for this amazing product.

unfortunately, this image is, in fact, photoshopped. but wait! the smoke in the lower image is what's photoshopped. the top image? totally real. that is an actual pack of cigarettes. don't believe me? check these out:

yep. this is a real pack of cigarettes. and a real carton.

the cigarettes are from china, and they're called "08 pride" (pride is the english translation of the word 自豪 or "zìháo".) the barcode number is 6901028025607 and the packaging included the web url, which is no longer an active site. they were manufactured by the chongqing tobacco industry co., ltd. in chengdu city, sichuan and include the customer service phone number 800-8866622. and yes, i said were.

from what i can gather (bearing in mind i don't speak chinese and things DO get lost in translation!) this particular design has been discontinued as the original company was overtaken. "08 pride" cigarettes are still manufactured by china tobacco chuanyu industrial corporation in chengdu city, sichuan. they seem to have retained the same phone number.

unfortunately, "08 pride" cigarettes don't look like that any more. the design is similar, but lacks the rainbow-y holographic-y accents.

and no, neither edition of this cigarette blows rainbow smoke. however, if blowing rainbow smoke is what you're after, there are about a billion filter tips and e cigs to sate that desire.

peace out and smoke 'em if you've got 'em!

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