Friday, May 2, 2014

Book Recommedations

this entry will be dynamic as i come across or remember new books i want to add. i will update this list as necessary, adding other categories and more books. this list is by no means complete at all--these are only books that i have personally read or had enough exposure to, to know they dont suck. :)

it only contains categories i am interested in, and some of these books span more than one category but are only listed once. i might eventually add reviews and links for them, but i'm not sure. anyway, i hope this list helps someone find new books to love!

  • the hunger games (the hunger games #1) by suzanne collins
  • catching fire (the hunger games #2) by suzanne collins
  • mockingjay (the hunger games #3) by suzanne collins
  • divergent (divergent #1) by veronica roth
  • insurgent (divergent #2) by veronica roth
  • allegiant (divergent #3) by veronica roth
  • uglies (uglies #1) by scott westerfeld
  • pretties (uglies #2) by scott westerfeld
  • specials (uglies #3) by scott westerfeld
  • extras (uglies #4) by scott westerfeld
  • on the beach by nevil shute
  • biting the sun by tanith lee

  • the best little girl in the world by steven levenkron
  • the luckiest girl in the world by steven levenkron
  • wasted by marya hornbacher 
  • prozac nation by elizabeth wurtzel
  • girl, interrupted by suzanna kaysen
  • it's kind of a funny story by ned vizzini
  • the virgin suicides by jeffrey eugenides
  • looking for alaska by john green
  • bad girls by alex mcaulay
  • such a pretty girl by laura wiess
  • can't get there from here by todd strasser 
  • the silver linings playbook by matthew quick
  • broken china by lori aurelia williams
  • alt ed by catherin atkins
  • you remind me of you by eireann corrigan
  • icy sparks by gwyn hyman rubio
  • house rules by jodi picoult
  • prep by curtis sittenfeld
  • veronica decides to die by paulo coelho
  • look me in the eye by john elder robison
  • violet & claire by francesca lia block
  • the hanged man by francesca lia block

  • the fault in our stars by john green (cancer, amputation)
  • side effects by amy goldman koss (cancer)
  • my sister's keeper by jodi picoult (cancer)
  • handle with care by jodi picoult (osteogenesis imperfecta)
  • the doll hospital by james duffy (unknown serious illness)

(gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans*, queer/questioning, asexual, poly, et al)
  • girl walking backwards by bett williams
  • dive by stacey donovan
  • keeping you a secret by julie anne peters
  • empress of the world by sara ryan
  • annie on my mind by nancy garden
  • grl2grl by julie anne peters
  • am i blue by various (anthology including francesca lia block & bruce coville)
  • i was a teenage fairy by francesca lia block

  • wait til helen comes by mary downing hahn
  • the doll in the garden by mary downing hahn
  • the "fear street" series by r.l. stine
  • the midnighters series by scott westerfeld
  • the last days by scott westerfel
  • peeps by scott westerfeld
  • leviathan (leviathan #1) by scott westerfeld
  • behemoth (leviathan #2) by scott westerfeld
  • goliath (leviathan #3) by scott westerfeld

  • watership down by richard adams
  • siddhartha by herman hesse
  • dangerous angels by francesca lia block
  • the secret garden by frances hodgson burnett
  • a little princess by frances hodgson burnett
  • so yesterday by scott westerfeld

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